We have all experienced that terrible feeling on a cold winter morning, when you realize that one of your new gloves is missing. Damn the shallow pockets of my cute new, pink, winter coat! This morning I discovered that I was in possession of my right glove only. This was very upsetting news because these are my only gloves. Then a Christmas miracle happened! Stepping out of my car onto the deserted street in the middle of the damn night, there was my left glove! Yes, he was frozen and flat on the street, but after a few spins in the front loader, and with the help of Oxy Clean, my friend would be back on duty soon! I would like to take this opportunity to send a shout out to all of my missing socks, "Come back! I miss you! Your partner is waiting for you on top of the dryer!"

Life on the streets is hard, just ask Left Glove.