Is there anything worse?! The kids are finally sleeping and you have a brief window to catch up on TV and the G.D. clickah' isn't working right! Here is a video of me and my clickah'.

I am whispering because lunches have been made for school, dinner dishes are done and I can now watch adult programming. By that I mean "Hell's Kitchen."

A new survey lists the most annoying habits of watching T.V. with someone else. I am guilty of all of these and you don't want to watch television with me because I am a nuisance. Sorry friends and family. What did I miss, who's that guy?...

Top 10 Annoyances:

  • Constantly asking what's going on, or why something happened.                               .
  • Clicking through channels too much.
  • Answering calls during the show.
  • Loud eating.
  • Trying to predict what's going to happen.
  • Making sarcastic comments or jokes.
  • Hogging the remote.
  • Forgetting to record something for someone else.
  • Deleting someone's show before they get to watch it.
  • Revealing spoilers that you saw online.

And here is one more...

  • Asking the person that you are watching with to bring you refreshments because you are lazy. A common request on Saturday night around 9 p.m. is, "Honey, will you please be my bra tender?"  I say this while holding out my wine glass with pleading eyes. You may have read "bra tender" and thought that it was a typo, but no. The mere mention of unmentionables is a tremendous motivator when I need a refill. Sometimes Mark even returns with cheese and crackers along with my beverage.

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I have a real "Bra Tending" certificate from S.M.C.C.,