Tommy C's was 11 when he saw his first concert. The first show young TC experienced was Jimi Hendrix! That explains a lot, does it not? We'll hear his memories tonight at 5:20 in The Big Red Love Van with me and Dom on The BLM Mini Concert!

Now check this out.

Blank On Blank is a multimedia nonprofit that takes rare unheard interviews with cultural icons and sets them to animation. These great people bring the interviews to life with very cool cartoons. It kinda takes theater of the mind to the next level. We don't just see a cartoon version of a legend answering questions. We go right inside there heads with images of their thoughts and dreams. I've been checking these videos out for a while and figured you might want to as well.

Blank On Blank's latest masterpiece is the last interview with Jimi Hendrix, one week before he died.