Just when we thought we'd heard everything there is to know about the most important band ever, here's are some revelations that may surprise you.

  • What did Beatles concerts smell like?
  • When George lost his virginity, guess who was watching?
  • Where did the Beatles officially break up?
  • Who introduced them to LSD?

Find out the answers to these questions and more right here from our friends at the Huffington Post.

Here's a rare video from the Beatles for The Night Before from the movie Help!

WBLM's Legendary Beatles Night

Be a part of a holiday tradition as local musicians come together to perform music from The Fab Four as well as select Beatles solo material. WBLM presents the 12th Annual Beatles Night! Its two shows this year at the State Theatre in Portland. Saturday, November 29th and Sunday, November 30th (family friendly afternoon show at 4pm). Tickets are on sale now. Get 'em here!
Here’s the story of Beatles Night in Portland:

In 2002, Spencer Albee (Rustic Overtones, AS FAST AS, School Spirit Mafia) got together with his friends and played a night of Beatles music at The Big Easy in Portland. The show sold out. Twelve years and four larger venues later, this beloved night has grown in to an annual holiday family tradition. Rolling Stone magazine also covered the event in 2013. Now why would an original musician dip into what some people would call “cover band stuff?” The answer is simple. He and his friends LOVE the Beatles.

This year Spencer, with Dominic Lavoie (Dominic and The Lucid, Sha Sha Sha), Chuck Gagne (Dominic and the Lucid, Pete Kilpatrick Band), Sean Morin (The Cambiata, Mai Mai, Sara Hallie Richardson), Jon Roods (Paranoid Social Club, Rustic Overtones), Sara Hallie Richardson and Dan Capaldi (Sea Level) and a host of others will play a greatest hits of Beatles songs ranging from the early days up through choice gems from the Beatles solo careers.

On stage there will be real strings, real horns and anything else they will need to faithfully recreate some of the most beloved recordings of all time. The band is comprised of original musicians, so the songs are played with a sense of reverence and freshness, while still adapting them to the live setting.