Okay Blimpsters! Here we are with our first big dump of the season. With close to a foot in most places, that's a lot of freakin' snow for one storm, eh? Good thing we can rest our backs tonight cause we'll probably be shoveling again on Wednesday morning with more coming on Tuesday night. Biddeford is the big winner with sixteen and a half inches! Snowstorm Electra rocked us hard! Here's some snowfall totals in Blimpville.

Biddeford   16.5"
Kennebunk  14.0"
Bath         13.0"
York         12.8"
Otisfield     12.5"
Standish    12.5"
Portland (Jetport)    12.4"
Saco          12.0"
East Boothbay 12.0"
Saco         12.0"
Chatham, NH 11.5"
Dover, NH     11.0"
Farmington    11.0"
Hartford        11.0"
Cumberland   11.0"
Eustis            10.0"
N. Sebago     10.5"
Paris             10.0"
Lewiston       11.0"
Poland Spring  9.10"
Augusta          9.5" 

Got any cool snow pix you wanna share? Send 'em to me!  brian.james@townsquaremedia.com