Welcome to the kitchen here at Townsquare Media. Today our friends at Bingas Stadium dropped by to get us ready for their Seize the Deal-where you can get a $40 Gift Certificate for just $20. The Bingas deal goes off at 8:30am on Wed the 15th. Now for us DJ's the best part of our Seize the Deals (other than hooking you all up with ridiculous deals) is that we get all the best restaurants in Maine to bring us food. That way, we can talk about it and get you excited about the establishment. And Bingas Stadium went all out today. They even brought us the 2nd Hottest Chicken Wing on their menu. They call it The Cherbobyl. Actually, we wanted the hottest but they thought it too dangerous to transport the 200 yards from their place to ours. I am not even kidding you. We thought it would be fun to have a little contest...WBLM vs our sister station WCYY. So I sat down with a plate of wicked hot wings with Joe from CYY.

Seriously, as I write this I still cannot feel my head. LOVE IT. Thanks to Bingas Stadium for the good eats.