It's on. Oh, it is ON. The WBLM Morning Show has teamed up with the Portland Sea Dogs to try and break the World Record for Most Amount of People Playing a Cowbell at the Same Time. It all happens on June 21st at Hadlock Field and, of course, we need you to help make World History. First a little background into the history of the coveted Cowbell Ensemble World Record.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the largest cowbell ensemble as 640 at an event in Switzerland. The World Record Academy lists the record being held by Ryerson University in Toronto with 1,003 people.

Then there was the unofficial record at a Phish event in Vermont. They say they had 1,600 cowbellers. Too bad they were all at a Phish event and "forgot" to record it properly for it to count. Bwahahahaha! Either way, we're blowing THAT number out of the water too.

So here's the deal on how you can help us set a new World Record for Largest Cowbell Ensemble. Join us the Portland Sea Dogs on June 21st. The first 2000 fans through the gate will receive a blue cowbell. Of course, those of you with your own cowbell can bring your own-The Captain has a rather large and noisy one. In between the 3rd inning, The Captain and Celeste will lead the crowd with some of our favorite cowbell music and we will clink and clank ourselves to A NEW WORLD RECORD. Do you have the fever ...for more cowbell?

Stay tuned to the Blimp as we put this amazing event together. We're proud to be teaming up with the Sea Dogs for Maine Dairy Night....Get it? Cowbells and Milk?  On a serious note, the night will also be an opportunity to raise awareness for the Great American Milk Drive – an effort between Feeding America and the National Dairy Council to get milk into the hands of the nation’s food insecure. Milk is one of the most requested nutritious foods at food banks and food pantries, but it is rarely donated. Food banks that are part of the Feeding America network have been working to get more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy into the food pantries.

Let's do this! Help us spread the word and share this story on Facebook and Twitter. #cowbellworldrecord