Don't be like me and get your tongue stuck on a metal chair. I swear to God I didn't think it would actually work....ouch! Here are my Top 11 fave COLD Songs. Got any you like? Let me know, we'll get them on The Blimp today. Stay warm Blimpsters!

Little FAVE!

Stone Cold...80's Rainbow Rock


Here's the original video of Alice Cooper's "Cold Ethyl". Hilarious.


A LIVE version of a chilly song by the Rolling Stones


Kinda have to have this one in there. Follow the bouncing ice pick and sing along!


Because Tom Petty somehow gets on every damn one of my Top 10 lists


Putting this one on from Jet because I got really drunk with them one time in Portland.


Gotta do this one from Dean Martin because I also got really drunk with him one time in Portland. #partyanimal


White Stripes!


I would stand outside in this cold for 40 days and 40 nights if it could bring SRV back


It'll be a hot Night in this cold town tonite!