Captain and Celeste

Tom Caron Talks Sox, Bruins and Getting Speared in the Jewels
NESN's Tom Caron joins the Captain and Celeste every Friday to talk New England Sports. Today Tom talked about Week One for the Red Sox (good!), and whether or not he likes Brad Marchand (he does..with conditions). Plus, in honor of the 2 game Marchand suspension, Tom helped us name our Theme W…
Did You Get Screened During Colon Cancer Awareness Month?
Many thanks to our friends at New England Cancer Specialists for being our partner during Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Now that the month is wrapping up and you've learned that several hundred Mainers die each year from colon cancer, you know that the time is NOW for you to take ACTION...
#TBT: The Day Our Blimp Flew Away
We had an amazing BLM Morning Show today, featuring your phone calls on where you used to shop back in the 1980's. This all stemmed from a fantastic blog post from Celeste on her fave throwback shopping spots from the Maine Mall. One of the calls we got was about shopping at Deor…
What Was The First Album You Ever Bought?
Your first album. Maybe it was an LP, or cassette or CD or even download. You never forget your first. Thanks for all the calls this morning on the BLM Morning Show with the Captain and Celeste,

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