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Dude Covers Every Part of Tom Sawyer Simultaneously [VIDEO]
We played this today on the WBLM Morning Show but you really have to SEE it to BELEVE it. This is Dominic Fragman and he plays guitar, drums and sings simultaneously on the Rush classic Tom Sawyer! Now, anytime we play it on BLM you can be sure that we are playing all these instrument…
The Captain Goes Skiing in the Old Port [VIDEO]
After 12 hours of doing storm coverage at the Blimp today, I decided I deserved a beer. Gritty's in the Old Port is my usual go-to. It's a quick ride in the car. But with the Maine State Police telling everyone to stay off the roads today, I thought this mode of alternative transportation …
Your Super Bowl Stories from Last Night
Watching the Patriots game last night was an EXPERIENCE. All the emotion of being pumped-up at the beginning. Then the disaster orf the first half. Then nothing really happening in the 3rd quarter. THEN the amazing comeback in the 4th. This was WORK...
Lee Goldberg is Live with the Pats in Houston
The great Lee Goldberg is at his SEVENTH Super Bowl for WCSH6. Lee will be live with The Captain and Celeste every morning with live check-ins from Houston. It's a tough job but Lee's definitely the guy to do it!
Lee gives us the lay of the land in Houston:
Lee and Simone Biles!
Missed Connections Monday
We love looking at the Craigslist "Missed Connections" postings every Monday. It's always fun to see what you people are up to during the weekend.

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