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Lee Goldberg is Live with the Pats in Houston
The great Lee Goldberg is at his SEVENTH Super Bowl for WCSH6. Lee will be live with The Captain and Celeste every morning with live check-ins from Houston. It's a tough job but Lee's definitely the guy to do it!
Lee gives us the lay of the land in Houston:
Lee and Simone Biles!
Missed Connections Monday
We love looking at the Craigslist "Missed Connections" postings every Monday. It's always fun to see what you people are up to during the weekend.
This Weekend’s Maine Missed Connections
The Captain and Celeste always love pouring over the Missed Connections section of Craigslist.  It's always interesting to see how people meet and WHERE. This weekend the Women's Marches in Portland and Augusta were a hotbed for hookups as well as the usuals; Hannaford and Renys...
Celeste Schools The Captain on Beer
Did you know that one of the MAJOR reasons WBLM hired Celeste almost three decades ago (other than her amazing DJ skills) was the fact that she had her Bartender's License? True fact. And she still shows it off from time from time like she did this morning when she schooled the Captain on the s…
Celeste vs Alexa On Air Battle
It was a Battle Royale today on the BLM Morning Show as Celeste took on her new Amazon Echo Dot "Alexa."  Celeste received Alexa as a gift from her husband this Christmas and the two just don't get along very well. It seems Alexa gets very passive aggressive with Cel…
Hey Maine! Check TheseTotally Cool, Easy Tech Costumes! [VIDEO]
I was so inspired by this video! Sick of the being a sexy cat, sexy nurse or sexy police officer? Take it to the next level using iPads or your iPhone! I am amazed!
Mind. Blown. What are you going to be this Halloween? I want to check out your costume at our "Spirit of Portland Hallowee…

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