The Blimp is Ready to Rock the Super Bowl!
Super Bowl Sunday is just two days away and before the kickoff at 6:30 p.m. and after the last down is played, you will want to listen to WBLM 102.9 for all of our pre-game and post game coverage.
Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl XLIX
Super Bowl XLIX pits the unstoppable offense of the New England Patriots against the impenetrable defense of the Seattle Seahawks. The 49th edition of the NFL’s big game could be one of its most memorable contests. Here’s a preview of Sunday’s game:
Watch Deflategate ‘Soft Balls’ Video
OK, this whole crazy, stupid Deflategate has gotten out of hand...and confusing! To explain it all to you we figured we would put it to song.  A little ditty we call "Soft Balls." With apologies to AC/DC and thanks to Slater's Garage for this one!

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