WATCH: Ben Affleck Playoff Hype
Ben Affleck's new prohibition era film comes out Friday January 13th, the day before the New England Patriots face the Houston Texans at Gillette for the AFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Time will tell if Affleck's Live by Night will be in league with The Town or Good Will Hunting. But I'll…
WATCH: TB12 Pajamas Wicked Funny Fake Infomercial
The New England patriots are the #1 Seed in the AFC! Not only do they have home field advantage, they're also enjoying 2 relaxing weeks off before playoff football starts on January 14th. Apparently Tom Brady is getting the best rest ever with the latest and greatest in sleepwear.
Supercuts Cut of the Game Pats-Miami
Pats Clinch the #1 Seed! a MUCH better way to end the season than last year with a solid (crushing) win over the Dolphins. The Pats go 8-0 on the Road this season-Incredible!
Time for you vote for the Supercuts Cut of The Game. Three awesome highlights for you to choose from...
WATCH: Fitzy’s #1 Seed-Cast [NSFW]
The New England Patriots finished the regular season with a win over Miami on the first day of the year. 2017 couldn't have started any better for Pats fans! Fitzy says, "In one day,  thanks to one win, two-thousand seventeen annihilated two-thousand sixteen."  They …
WATCH: Fitzy’s Pats/Broncos Preview
Fitzy's back agonizing over last year's AFC Championship loss to the Broncos. No worries. The Patriots are "comin' in f-in' white-hot" after their win over the Ravens on Monday night.

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