We all have our challenges at work. Here is mine. Like the message says, "No internet connection available" So how am I supposed to update weather, find cute animal videos to post, or shop on eBay?!  This happens at just about the same time every morning. I get as many co-workers involved as possible, full well knowing that nothing will help. My computer is taking a cigarette break and will return to work when it darn well feels like it. Still, I enjoy the comradery of D.J.'s from 4 different radio stations coming together, over-stimulated from caffeine, and swearing at an inanimate object that holds far too much power over our lives.

What is preventing you from getting your work done? Is there an expensive piece of technology standing between you and your deadline and making you look bad? I feel you man. Share that sad, frustrating story with us on our Facebook Fan Page #deadputer, or tweet us.

The printer sucks too,