Congratulations to the Deering High School Choir! One week from tonight (2/18) they will be onstage in front of a sold out crowd at the State Theatre performing with Foreigner. The kids were chosen to sing "I Wanna Know What Love Is", providing the big gospel chorus. Wow! These high school vocalists must be wicked pumped! Foreigner has been inviting high school choirs to be onstage with them for the 1984 classic for several years now. It's a very cool way to promote awareness of and donate money to school music programs. Deering High School Choir gets a once in a lifetime experience and will receive a $500 donation from Foreigner.


Here's Foreigner with a a high school chorus last summer. The kids sound great but I have a feeling Deering will kick it way up and make us all proud.


And for you Foreigner purists, here's Lou Gramm absolutely killing it at the first Farm Aid in 1985 with an amazing gospel choir. Bring it, Deering!