We've all heard about how quickly the interior of a car heats up and how dangerous it is for people and pets. The damage a hot car can do is no joke. Aside from living beings, the list is long of what needs to be removed from a vehicle on a hot, sunny day:

  • Your bottled water. Chemicals used to make the plastic bottles can leach into the water.
  • Heat can shorten the life of your electronics like: GPS units, iPads and cell phones.
  • CDs and DVDs can be ruined in the heat.
  • The frames and lenses of your expensive sunglasses can warp.
  • Pat down your kids before they enter your vehicle. Confiscate  chocolate, gum and candy that will make a ridiculous mess. Crayons do not belong in the car. Mark has a melted yellow crayon forever embedded into his back seat.
  • Things that will explode in a really hot car include plastic disposable lighters and aerosol cans. That Febreeze used to battle wet-dog smell, needs to stay in the garage.

Last, but not least, your purse ladies! I had the bad habit of putting my debit card in my pocket and leaving my purse in the car. Until a lipstick melted inside my Coach bag! That was miserable. So very, very upsetting. It hurts to think about it. If you carry any prescription medication in your purse, be aware that hot-car temps can change their chemical composition.

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Cars should have built in coolers. I'll get to work on that,