A rare serious post for you!  Thanks to Michael Stoddard and Paul Badeau from Efficiency Maine for coming on the BLM Morning Show this morning. I think these guys are heroes.
It's amazing to see Mainers leading the way with cool technology that saves energy and money. We've been working with the guys from Efficiency Maine for a couple of years now. They have been fighting the good fight-very patiently-and with great passion- to get us to think about how to be more energy efficient. And boy, with some of the highest energy costs in the country, we certainly need their leadership. And it's working...over 1500 Maine businesses and thousands of private homes have done projects ranging from heating system replacements and energy-efficient appliance purchases to insulation and air sealing. These upgrades are projected to save more than $7 million! And the cool (or should I say hot) thing talked about this morning is the growing popularity of the Heat Pump. Think of it as an air-conditioner in reverse! Wicked.