We LOVE the Maine Department of Transportation roadside safety signs. Whether it's:

87 IS GRONK'S NUMBER - NOT THE SPEED LIMIT  or SANTA SEES YOU WHEN YOUR SPEEDING, we love how clever these signs have become. Now MDOT is letting YOU take a shot at it with a cool contest! YOU could have your message on a road sign for thousands to see!


And the prizes are kind of cool. From MDOT:

We’ll have some thrilling prizes like a ride to the top of the Penobscot Narrows Observatory, tickets from the Maine State Ferry Service, a pass to one of the Maine State Parks or a pass to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray! (Hey – we’re state government, we don’t have a lot of prize money hanging around.) But you will have the GLORY of having your words in neon lights (Well...LED lights actually)! Thousands of motorists will have a happier and safer commute thanks to you! Just think of the karma!

Plus the Grand Prize of your OWN Street Sign!


What will you make for a sign? Just make sure it has something to do with safety. Distracted driving, Winter driving, Texting and driving. Speeding. Anything you can come up with to help Mainers stay safe on the roads Just keep it clean and clever!



OK, we couldn't help ourselves....