What do you do with a couple of stir crazy kids on another snow day? I'm lucky because they like to craft and so do I. Since we had a heads up that snow was on the way, I had a chance to gather my supplies for this one.

Here's what you'l need:

White plates- I bought mine at, where else?..Dollar Tree!

Permanent markers- I got a big package of colored ones at Staples

Clorox wipes- for wiping off mistakes and calling do-overs

An oven.

You start by washing the plates and setting the oven to 350. I used the first website that I found and it called for a 425 oven.I think it was too hot and caused our colors to fade and change a bit. I will experiment with a lower temperature next time to see if it prevents the colors from changing. I'll show you what I mean in a minute. But first, I share with you the only picture that I could have taken during that entire day, where my children were not taunting, teasing, annoying, aggravating, correcting or tattling.

girls drawing on plates

It was so peaceful that I thought I should take a picture.

After cleaning the plates, decorate them with the permanent markers. The Chlorox wipes are great for erasing mistakes. When your artists are satisfied with the image that they have created, pop them into a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. This is the most popular temperature/time combo on Pinterest, and far more reasonable sounding than my original information. The idea is to melt the ink into the glaze and make it meld permanently into the plate.

Here are the "before" plates...


Nice bright colors! Here are the "after" plates...


There's a lot of butterscotch and green where there was once sunny yellow and ocean blue. This project was still a success because my girls went for an entire 40 minutes without asking me for food or to telling the other to,"stop it!" in a menacing tone.

What do you do with your kids on snow days? For the love of God, share your ideas with us! It takes a village and all that...

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