With Thanksgiving coming on Thursday, I am thinking of a few things I have gratitude for at WBLM.

  • Everything I do everyday at "work" is connected to music.
  • I'm surrounded by super talented, creative, good people who I consider family.
  • Meeting Rock Stars!
  • Music, Music, Music!
  • Most of all, getting out and meeting Blimpsters!

When I was at Foreplay Sports Bar this past weekend, I met an awesome lady named Linda Brann. She came by with her husband, Walt(a longtime loyal blimpster), and told me how she ended up in a commercial for The Patriots! Then she went on to say that she makes specialty cakes. Linda was very kind and shared some cake with us! Carrot cake with Heath Bar bits sprinkled on top, wicked yum bub!!


And can you believe this one? A freakin' Marshall Amp Cake! A dessert that definitely goes to ELEVEN!!