As a child, I could never have imagined this happenning! There is a clown shortage! For real! They are dying off and no young clowns are stepping up to replace them! This is a national crisis, my friends! I have drawn a giant red grease paint frown on my face. Out of curiosity, I googled clown schools. You can even attend online! There are some pretty serious ones across the pond where acrobatics are a big part of the gig. I'm into the old fashioned squirting flower/pants falling down/balloon animal making clown.Is that too personal? When was the last time you even saw a clown? When I was a kid it felt like they were everywhere! At the A&P, Zayre's, the Pier and every Grand Opening held in Southern Maine. Don't get me started on the birthday parties! Life was simple then, balloons were such a treat and we were easy to make laugh. There seem to be more people freaked out by clowns these days than entertained by them. Do clowns scare you?  Don't keep it inside, go to our Facebook page and tell us how you really feel about clowns.

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