I was watching CNN on the elliptical working out at The Bay Club this morning when I saw a dude with hot pink beard appear on the screen. As I watched, the anchors revealed that he was from Portland, Maine. The dude with the hot pink beard is Steve Betters. He is a combat veteran who lost a bet. He and his buddies in a motorcycle club decided they would shave their heads if the Patriots lost to the Broncos. We all know how that turned out. Steve chose to dye his beard hot pink rather than shave. Good choice with all the wind chills this winter. And now he's turning all the attention on his fabulous facial hair into something to help sick kids. He put a picture of his new look on Facebook and said, "If I get 500 likes, I will donate $500 to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. If it goes viral, which I had no intention that it was going do, for a thousand likes, I would donate $1,000." It is so great to see a Mainer on the national news stage! It's even better that he will do so much good for the kids turning a losing bet into something helpful.

Watch the CNN piece below