This place is gonna ROCK. Thompson's Point in Portland. The site of our Clash Bash and BBQ on Saturday. Our Digital Editor Bob Cook and I took a field trip to check out the sight this week. We're excited to be one of the first people to "party on the Point." But one question we are getting is " the heck do I get there?"  Easy! Just go as if you are headed to the Amtrak Station (they call it the Portland Transportation Center). Go right past the station and you'll run right into the the Point. Super easy. Bob and I jumped in the Blimpmobile and headed over this week.

Check out this awesome pavilion! This is where four bands will be playing in an ultimate Clash of The Decades! It's the 70's vs the 80's vs the 90's vs 2K. It should be amazing. And the views are incredible. This site actually has a pretty amazing history. Did you know you could bring a boat via canal from Sebago Lake to Thompson's Point?

The food is gonna be amazing. The Shipyard beer will be super cold. The Clash bands will rock. Can you join us? Let us know #ClashBashBBQ on Twitter or Facebook