Ice cream has been prescribed by mothers and girlfriends and other well-meaners, for generations. From a sore throat to a broken heart, this frozen confection has become the unofficial "fixer" of what hurts. Ice cream not only makes you feel better, it has the power to make you feel happy! According to a new survey by Baskin-Robbins, these are the flavors that make people the happiest, from number one on down:

  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • strawberry
  • rocky road
  • vanilla
  • cookie dough
  • mint chocolate chip
  • chocolate chip                                                                                   
  • praline
  • rainbow sherbet
Even if participants of  this survey were stressed, preoccupied or in a serious mood, 72% say that deciding to get ice cream made them happy! When I was a kid my parents treated me to a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen when I needed 5 stitches in my leg. It did make me feel better. Thanks Mom and Dad.
We have ice cream sandwiches in our freezer right now. They are a strong motivator at dinner time. I think they actually make veggies taste better to my kids.
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Chasing my next brain freeze,