If you read Mad Magazine growing up, you probably have a stack of issues from the 70's in a box somewhere in the basement like I do. The picture you see above, was from a 1978 Special issue and is hanging on the back of my door, in my office at BLM. In 1978, it hung on my 12 year old bedroom wall. Check out all the 70's Music Stars cartooned by the great Don Martin. Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull and more!

The satire written in Mad Magazine was always a hoot. Pop culture, politics, movies, tv...no sacred cows. The illustrations were even better. The artwork of Al Jafee, Dave Berg, Mort Drucker, Don Martin et al, forever doodled upon my mind.

I stumbled upon a 1974 Mad TV special on You Tube that I didn't know existed. Very cool to see my favorite magazine as a kid brought to life!

                                  [CLICK BELOW FOR 1974 MAD SPECIAL]