In Maine, our Chefs are like Rock Stars. Seriously. Whenever we get a Maine chef in our studio, Celeste has them sign one of her body parts. So we were more than pumped to have the Maine Chef of The Year-Mr. Steve True- on the show today. Steve has been the chef at The Nonantum in Kennebunkport for over a decade. He will be feted tonite at The Maine Restuarant and Lodging Expo Awards Ceremony and then holding court at the Expo tomorrow. If you have ANYTHING to do with our wicked awesome Restuarant and Lodging industry...then this expo is for you. Just beware all you chefs attending...Celeste will be after you with a Sharpie!

Thanks to Steve True and our great friend for many years Steve DiMillo from DiMillos Restaurant, for swinging by this morning. For the record, Chef True brought the ribs, and Steve Dimillo brought the Prosecco! Not a bad way to start a Monday.