Looks like it's time for an inspection sticker! That's what a vehicle up on jacks in the driveway screams out here in Maine. Mark and my bro, Billy, are working on  the brakes, so I have Mark's car today. Daddy's car is anarchy.There are melted crayons on the seats, food wrappers, stuffed animals, kids' socks and lots of shrimp chips. Gross. Mommy's car has rules. No standing on the seats to stick your head out of the moon roof, no crayons, markers or pens, no food or drink unless approved by Mom. Dad's approval does not count. Remove all backpacks, lunch boxes and school papers before exiting the vehicle. And the really big one, NO stickers on the seats or windows! I have these rules in place as a reaction to the chaos in Daddy's car. There is a hub cap missing and the fabric on the ceiling has been peeled away by small fingers so it flutters in the wind. Taunting me. As you can guess, Daddy has the fun car. How do I compete? Every couple of weeks I take the girls through the car wash and spring for the colored bubbles and all the lights and whistles. After work today I'm going to clean out the car and use spray adhesive to reattach the fabric to the ceiling. Then I will clean up the spaghetti that spilled on the seat as Mark drove it home from Amato's last night. I hope the brake parts arrive today before I develop a rash.