Is this extremely attractive pizza doing it for you? Well you wouldn't be the first. I think the long winter has gotten to a guy in England who ordered "one hot pizza" on Monday and then tried to...make love to it. The result of the experimentation was a tweet to the national pizza chain, "I've just made love to one of your pizzas and burnt my penis severely. Please advise on your terms for a refund." The person manning the twitter account actually wrote back with the head office email. The adventurer then said that they should warn people of the dangers of having sex with a pizza! A reply came saying they," would look for a way to notify customers in the future." Things escalated. The pizza wasn't cooling off. In fact, the man claimed in another tweet that the pizza wanted to perform sexual acts on him. Take a moment to shake your, the very patient person on the other end of this bizarre conversation replied with, " That is not expected of our pizza. We raised them better than that ."  The guy stopped tweeting them and was last seen at his local grocery store courting his first true love, Pizza Hot Pocket.

Named after another pizza that doesn't put out,