My family doesn't just love to eat, we love to cook! We're trying out Blue Apron and having amazing fresh food and recipes sent to us. The kids love learning to cook new foods and our 6-year-old was so proud of herself for helping daddy make these Crispy Shiitake-Ginger Dumplings!

Each meal comes to us with pre-measured ingredients, step-by-step recipe cards with photos -- and it's less than $10 a meal. The oven-roasted baby bok choy was a huge hit too. Yay, a new veggie that the kids love!

Making dinner together is so much fun and I LOVE knowing what we are having for dinner, and that I don't have to go to the grocery store to pick anything up. I washed and prepped my fresh veggies and dinner was underway with zero stress. We are getting a new box today, I'll show how awesome it is!

You can try Blue Apron for yourself! Check out this week's menu and get 2 meals FREE with FREE SHIPPING, (yes, I know I'm yelling, I'm excited...). Go to right now and look forward to changing it up around your kitchen table!