Holy smokes! 71% of people have already planned their New Year's Resolution! The top three are: losing weight, working out more, and cutting stress. Unfortunately, only 11% of the people surveyed think they will actually follow through. But many do plan on power gorging before starting their resolution! I have never been great at keeping New Year's resolutions. So this year I am trying something different. Instead of my usual weight loss wish, I am going to focus on being more positive. That's right, I am going to consciously try to find the good in situations, and in people. One of my biggest struggles with my little girls is teaching them to be grateful. I don't mean mearly polite, but aware of how fortunate we are in so many ways. I truly believe they will be happier if they can recognize all of the ways other people and nature enrich our lives. Here's my chance to lead by example and talk about my resolution with them, and what I am hoping to get,and give, by choosing it. Of course it will be made easier by knowing that I have not sworn off Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips. Are you switching up your resolution this year? Share it with us on our Facebook Fan Page. 

You're pretty,