For realz! This is a thing! These simple minded phones are coming back into demand for several reasons:

  • The battery lasts for days without charging.
  • They are way tougher. They make those fragile iPhone screens seem like Grandma's good china.
  • You may be someone who gets overwhelmed by being TOO connected. It's freeing not to have every email, Facebook message, or tweet show up to interrupt your dinner, deep conversation, or really awesome daydream about horseback riding with Dave Grohl.

Even if you aren't into firing up your old timey phone, there is still good news for you. You might be able to get a few bucks for it on eBay, just because of what it doesn't have: keyboard, apps, internet!

Have you held on to your dumb phone? Has it made you a social outcast and a pariah among your friends? How did you resist the peer pressure?! Share your story with us on our Fan Page.

I hate that I'm dumber than my smart phone,