Could you leave it all behind, literally, for a free one way trip to Mars? This topic came up at the dinner table for the Sullivan family of Utah. Last year, a company called Mars One offered free trips to Mars. The trip is in ten years, and over 200,000 people applied. But there is a catch. These are one way tickets, no coming back, Chuck. You die on Mars. Back to the dinner table...Ken is 38, married to Becky, they have four kids ranging from six months to 13 years old and Ken is a finalist in the running for the trip.Ooh, Becky is not happy. No,no,no. She is now divorcing Ken because he is willing to leave his family and pursue his dream. Could you do it, be a rocket man (or woman), and leave Earth and your family to experience space? Is Ken cuckoo? Is Becky out of line? Leave your answer and comments on our Facebook Fanpage.What would the Cosmic Muffin make of all of this...Celeste