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Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
39 years ago, Billy Joel performed live at the Civic Center in Portland for the very first time. The show was packed to capacity on April 13, 1979 for the Piano Man and his band.
The Captain Has Three Wicked Fun Alexa Tricks For You
Listening to WBLM is just one of the fun things you can do with the amazing Amazon Echo device. There are zillions of skills to enable. And Alexa always has a few tricks up her digital sleeve. Here's the Captain with his Alexa Tricks of the Week
Here’s Why It Feels Like The Longest Maine Winter Evah
Multiple Nor'easters, tons of days off from school and still more to come with temperatures and an icy mix expected for this Sunday. Winter just seems to hang on here in Maine. One reason is that it seems that you haven't seen your yard in weeks. Make that months. And you would be right. …

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