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Maine Beers Created in Memory of Maine Firefighters
On December 9 at Thompson's Point in Portland, beer lovers can feel real good about what they're swiggin'! Baxter Brewing will team up with other Maine breweries and local fire departments to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association...
Drummers Honor ‘Old Man of the Mountain’
Recycled Percussion recently paid tribute to the memory of the 'Old Man of the Mountain' in Franconia since it's collapse in 2003. What a seriously ROCKIN' way to celebrate this beloved New England landmark!
Maine TV Series Premieres on Facebook
Well today is the 28th so here ya go! The first episode is takes us behind the scenes of Maine's favorite fruit. Let's go rake blueberries in Cherryfield with Wyman's. Teagan's great sense of humor and wicked enthusiasm for his and our home, makes this a real winnah.

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