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Do You Live In North Windham? I Can See Your House From Here!
If you are a proud resident of the 04062 then we have something wicked cool for you from Sky High Photography. They just released a hyper-lapse aerial shot of one of North Windham. We love these hyper-lapse videos from above as it gives us a new perspective on places we know so well.
This Is What Maine’s Biggest Food Truck Festival Looks Like
It's coming. The first big party of the Spring! It may not feel like Spring yet, but by May 19th, we will be ready to party outside at the biggest food truck festival in the State of Maine. It's Street Eats and Beats and if you've never been, take a look from last year's bash:
Maine Kids Can Bowl Free
Okay, so there's still over 2 months until schools gets out. What are we gonna do to keep 'em busy and off the smartphones this summer? Let's go bowling! Even better. Maine kids can bowl free!

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