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The Pagurko Family House Fire Fundraiser Tonight!
Whitefield and the surrounding communities are a tight group and tonight they will come together to support one of their families, please join us! The family of seven escaped the fire thanks to working smoke detectors, but their 1850's farm house burned to the ground...
13 Facts You Might Not Know About Bullying
During the month of October, Townsquare Portland and its radio stations will be participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. Our hope is that you can partner with Townsquare Media and stand up to bullies.
5 Stephen King Movies to Watch Instead of ‘It’ [VIDEO]
Fans of Stephen King raced to theaters to see the re-make if "It".  I remember reading the book and being traumatized!  The Stephen King movie that caused me to have recurring nightmares until I was 38 years old was "Salem's Lot"! I was a teenager w…

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