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Watch the Patriots On Field Victory Celebration
In case you were busy celebrating the Patriots win by rolling around your living room floor or doing snow angels in your front yard, we bring you the full on-field post game celebration and trophy ceremony from Gillette.
Did You See Brady Drop That F-Bomb Coming On To the Field?
We knew Tom Brady was going to be OK after his hand injury this week. We knew it before he had even thrown a warm-up throw at Gillette. In fact, we KNEW TB12 was fired up and ready to go when he dropped an F-Bomb live on CBS when he was coming on to the field for the game. It seemed the cameraman ma…
Shut In During Winter In Maine, Online Shopping Rocks.
As you may have heard, I broke my ankle so I'm working from home. It's pretty boring after eleven a.m.. At least it was before I discovered Amazon, Victorian Trading Company, Wayfair and Zulily! Hearing the mailbox clang shut after my mail person has dropped off a delivery has always been …

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