One of Blimpville's favorite bad boys came to town yesterday. And by the looks of it, he got a chance to bop around the Old Port and see some of the sights that make us all love Portland. Sebastian Bach rocked the Asylum last night, celebrating 25 years of keeping it metal! There were reports of Sebastian Bach sightings at Commercial Street Pub and The Grill Room while he was in Portland. Blimpsters woke up to this photo and some kind words for our great city this morning on his Facebook page.

"This is a real picture. Taken just seconds ago. I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be able to travel to such cool places and meet so many cool people. I am lucky to be able to sing music for people and see that it makes them happy. Portland Maine, what a beautiful place. Rock N' Roll. What a beautiful life."


Thanks dude! Very cool of him to post that!

And now! Check out a couple highlights from last night's show!