Sometimes I work for Captain; sometimes Captain works for me.I discovered Beat Up Creations on Etsy - check out some of the awesome "antique altered art plates" that she makes. It's hard to describe.

Here are a few things I've asked her to do:

  • I commissioned her to do our wedding picture. Mark has a rack of antlers; I have doe ears and a tail. (By the way, I'm going to add a little brass plaque on it that says, "Yes, deer.")
  • Anneliese is a bunny with one lop ear.
  • Sabelle is a cat.

I recently repainted the dining room and need to rehang ALL of this stuff. Rehanging pictures is not one of my many talents, but Captain told me he's really great about it. Which sounded to me like an offer to help.

So I took him up on it. He came over on Saturday morning and spent the rest of his day hanging stuff all over my house.

(I also made him a cocktail. It was raspberry vodka with lemonade. It was great.)