What's going on?

What Would Make Celeste Come Back From Vacation Early?
Well, Celeste WAS on vacation until she heard of something so special and wonderful happening on Wednesday's WBLM Morning Show that she canceled all her plans to be back with the Captain. While we are sworn to super-secrecy on what's going on, you Blimpsters sure had lots of good guesses..…
Not a Beach Day In Maine, What Games Do You Play?
Maybe your kids' summer camp ended last week, it's your staycation week from work or you've rented a camp here in Maine, but it's not the beach or lake day that you want. Break out a deck of cards or board game!
Monday Weather in Maine-Cloudy and Cool
We hope you had a great weekend! This week is looking much cooler and less humid than the past two weeks...thank goodness! Our friends at the NOAA in Gray have the temps for tomorrow. If you are looking for higher temps. you may want to head north...
Annual Morning Show With Sam Adams' Jim Koch at Porthole On 8/21
It's one of our most favorite morning shows of the year. The annual meeting of the minds with The Captain, Celeste and Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company and makers of Sam Adams Beer. You are invited to join us to be part of our live audience at the Porthole Restaurant and Pub in Port…
Start Training For Portland's Oktoberfest Stein Hoisting Contest
We are getting ready for the biggest Oktoberfest celebration Maine has ever seen. September 8 at Thompson's Point in Portland. This Bavarian Beer Carnival will be a celebration of local food, German-inspired music, tons of games, competitions, performances, prizes, and fun.
This Is How Tom Brady Does Training Camp
This is our favorite video of the week. While the rest of the NFL is getting ready for preseason football, Brady is instead chilling out and throwing amazing bomb passes to moving golf carts while just hanging out with his bros. Check this out...
Tom Caron Talks To Us About Jerry Remy's Cancer Battle
NESN's Tom Caron joined us this morning and we got on the subject of his pal and co-worker Jerry Remy. The RemDog is battling cancer again and Tom gave us some insight into the incredible interview he had with Jerry earlier this week.
Rabies Vaccine Bait To Be Dropped In Maine, What About My Pets?
According to Maine Public, after numerous attacks by rabid wildlife, the State Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry will team with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to drop 351,000 vaccine pellets on parts of Maine.
Monday's Heat Index For Maine Is Off the Charts
Are you ready for a scorcher? Monday could be one of the hottest days of the summer in Maine. Our friends at the US National Weather Service in Grey have given us a heat index map for Monday that H-O-T hot. From their Facebook page: