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Mainers Might Not Be Using Their Heat Pumps The Right Way [VIDEO]
We recently had our friends from Efficiency Maine in to talk to us about the energy efficient product that more Mainers are using in their homes, heat pumps. It turns out that many might not be getting the most out of them. Here's why:
The thermostat for the heat pump is right on the unit, which…
Tomorrow Is a Day of Mourning, What That Means
Tomorrow our country will pay respect to the 41st president of the United States, George H.W. Bush. This honor is reserved for the passing of former commanders-in-chiefs and is an opportunity to hold remembrance events.
Windham Police Are Looking For The Driver of This Truck
This just in from our local heroes at the Windham Police Department. They are desperately looking for the driver of this dump truck as they believe the driver may have seen what happened around a fatal crash.
"On 11/13/18, at about 6:38 am, a fatal traffic accident occurred in …
Ready for Portland on Tap? Cyber Monday Deal Is What You Need
It's Maine's biggest and best craft beer event year after year. Portland On Tap. Saturday, January 26th A beer tasting event so big we have to put it in the Cross Insurance Arena! Get your tickets on Cyber Monday as prices will be going up soon and this event sells out in advance every ye…