All Aboard Portland’s Pumpkin Train
How about a ride on the Pumpkin Train with stunning ocean views this weekend? The weather looks amazing with temps in the 70s and the foliage is wicked brilliant!
WATCH: Let’s Learn Some Portland History With a Song
A few weeks back, there was the story of a woman who stopped a fire in the woods using a pan to bring water to the flames. Apparently, this isn't the first time a Maine woman bravely fought danger using this kitchen utensil.
Wicked Cunnin': Maine Goats & a St. Bernard…Yes Please
Over the summer, we were introduced to these incredible Maine fur babies. They're getting bigger every day and Mildred (the little goat) is becoming pretty assertive about establishing boundaries with Frances (the St. Bernard)
Wreckin’ It Mainah Style!
We Mainahs love a good demolition. This video shows us how it's friggin' done! The best and most Maine part is when the camera man yells, "Hammah!"
Maine Flashback: Remember These LaVerdiere’s Halloween Commercials?
Growing up in Augusta, the Halloween headquarters was always LaVerdiere's on Water Street. It's so cool to flashback to those October days of popping in to see all the scary new masks, decorations and shelves loaded with candy. If you ever need a LaVerdiere's fix...