I am addicted to Sriracha. Yeah, it still burns my tongue every time but that doesn't stop me from putting it on everything. If you are unfamiliar with this condiment that is rapidly becoming as popular as salsa and ketchup, here's a quick background.

Sriracha is named after the town of Si Racha in Thailand. The sauce is made of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Not quite as high on the heat index as jalapenos but definitely powerful. I put it on pork, haddock, venison, pasta, popcorn, potato chips and more. It's on our dinner table every night right next to the balsamic vinaigrette, bub.

Recently I have been troubled by the news of a possible Sriracha shortage. The factory that makes it is being sued by the town. Apparently the odors from the operation are effecting the residents. Oh man, my eyes are burnin! So the making of Sriracha has been slowed down considerably. There won't be any shipments until the new year and a price hike is possible. Yikes! I only have half a bottle left to get me through till then.

How about they move the factory to Westbrook. We put up with smell from the mill for years. We're tough enough to handle the odor of peppers permeating the Southern Maine air. Bring on the peppers and grind 'em here. Save the Sriracha! Who's with me?!?

Here's a video explaining how to make your own Sriracha...gotta have a plan B!

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