Here are the answers to some pressing in flight questions.

Why do they dim the cabin lights at night when landing? That's just in case things don't go well and you need to evacuate the plane. Your eyes will be better adjusted to the darkness so you'll see better once you are outside the plane.

Those blankets and pillows are refolded and tucked back into bins before flights. Ick.

Why are there still ashtrays in the lavatories? They are mandatory even though smoking on flights was banned years ago. The reasoning is that if people are going to smoke anyway they want them to have a safer place to throw the butt than the trash can.

What do the pilot and co-pilot eat? Well, not the same thing just in case of food poisoning, and they can't share. Not even just one bite of your cake?....

And finally, this one is known by all airline employees. Remove your batteries ladies. If you pack a toy in your bag and handlers hear a buzzing,vibrating sound they need to open your bag and you will need to turn it off in front of a bunch of giggling grown men.