Amazing Maine Animals

Lovable Maine Dog Sings With Sirens
Meet Rusty. He’s a lab mix rescue dog who lives in Portland with his humans, the Begley family. Rusty has the incredible talent of matching his howl to the pitch of sirens from distant fire trucks!
WATCH: Dahlin’ Maine Fox Babies
Our friends at Tylor Kelly's Camps up in the Allagash captured some footage of adorable Maine baby foxes coming out of their den. Their momma makes an appearance too. This is as about as close as we'll get.

WATCH: Maine Deer Feeding Up Close on Live Stream
We came across something very cool to see this winter. A retired man in way up north in Brownville, Maine has been feeding deer and now has a livestream so we can all watch. And wait till you see how many show up up to chow down! Amazing!

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