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Maine Craigslist Post of The Day: “Artisanal Bonfire Fuel”
Today's Craigslist Post of The Day goes to the clever person who wrote this post:
" Antique Artisanal Bonfire Fuel (Brunswick)
These genuine artifacts were originally imported from rural Vermont via ox cart and lovingly crafted by skilled Quakers into the historic Smi…
Frustrated Mommy Garage Sale in Livermore on Craigslist!
I love yard sales and garage sales and ran across this post on Craigslist, it hit me where I live.
"Our kids have too much stuff !! Multi family sale and the other families don't want to lug this stuff back home !
Fill a bag, make an offer...
Father’s Day Gifts for Mainer Dads From Craigslist!
Maine Craigslist is full of original ideas for father's day presents! This White Water Rafting Trip looks like an amazing experience to share with dad!
Here's the listing:
"Buy one full priced rafting ticket and dad rafts 1/2 off...
Get Your “Kim Sized Mattress” on Craigslist Maine
Talk about a custom mattress! If you know someone named Kim, make sure she sees this Craigslist post for a good night's sleep.
Here's the listing:
"Used and some small stains but still usable. Spring air brand. Older but still comfy...

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