WATCH: Another Tourist Hatin’ Classic From Maine
Well here we are, opening day at Fenway and another 50 degree day in Portland. Springtime baby!  And you know what that means...We aren't very far from the invasion of those loud-mouth jerks from the Commonwealth, "MASSHOLES!"
WATCH: The Blimp That Saved Christmas!
8 years ago, we teamed up with our good friend Eben Clukey to make the BLM Christmas song. We're proud to say it has become a Blimpville Holiday Classic! It's the story of how Santa's sleigh broke down and the Blimp came to the rescue one year.
WBLM Band: The Blimp That Saved Christmas [VIDEO]
Time to bring out this old chestnut...the BLM Band with our buddy Eben doing "The Blimp That Saved Christmas." It's all you favorite BLM DJ's teaming up with Santa to make sure you Blimpsters get everything you want this year,