From Away

Wicked Funny: Chuckin’ Jahnk in Maine!
Hardworking Blimpsters can all relate to this video. If you're a contractor on a job that requires any demolition, you know you can just throw away all that old wood. There might be a good piece in there, right?
Maine TV Series Premieres on Facebook
Well today is the 28th so here ya go! The first episode is takes us behind the scenes of Maine's favorite fruit. Let's go rake blueberries in Cherryfield with Wyman's. Teagan's great sense of humor and wicked enthusiasm for his and our home, makes this a real winnah.
Maine TV Show ‘From Away’ Coming to Facebook
The new adventurous Maine mini-series aired it's first season last spring on Portland's Fox 23. Brunswick native Teagan Wright took us all over Vacationland to visit the hard-working, hard-playing Mainers that help make our state the best place on Earth. Now he's back with season 2 o…