Maine’s Most Misspelled Word For 2017 Makes Total Sense
In preparation for the upcoming Scripps Spelling Bee, Google Trends released a map detailing every state's most misspelled word. Here in Maine, given the lengthy winter and a particularly brutal flu season, it's hardly a surprise that that pneumonia tops the list...
Mainers Google Search These Dad-Related Things The Most
We hope you enjoyed your Father's Day. Maybe you treated Dad to a barbecue or even bought him a nice gift. Maybe you even used Google to research a gift idea for Dad. researched what each of the U.S. states Google searched more than any of the other states. So what do Mainers Googl…
2015’s Most Googled Topic in Maine?
When I learn more about something or someone, I search "the Google". It appears that most people who use Google in the State of Maine, all searched images, news, and videos regarding the same person. Who is it?