SuperHero 5K in Central Maine Saturday
A generous man named Jesse Tozier has volunteered to donate one of his kidneys to his friend, 'Superman' Scott Baker. To celebrate this super act of love and raise for money an amazing cause, there will be a Superhero 5k on Saturday June 9th.
A Very Icy Maine River from Above
Take a little journey with us up the river. You'll also get a close look at the flooding of businesses, residences and trapped cars last week in downtown Hallowell. Friggin bummin' dude.
LOOK: Pokemon ‘NO’ in Hallowell
At the beginning of the summer, the Pokemon Go craze took over the planet! At the time, I thought this thing would start to die down after awhile. Boy, was I wrong. Pokemon Go is still so hot that business owners have put up signs to warn the players.