Our Dogs Run from Our Five Year Old’s Concert! [VIDEO]
Our five year old is a blooming performer who is crafting her art on the hearth of our wood stove while singing into a walking stick that I bought at The Fryeburg Fair a few years ago. Here, she performs on a Saturday morning, in her pajamas, for an intimate audience...
The Before and After of My Farmer’s Market Finds! [RECIPE]
I am the biggest fan of our Wednesday Farmer's Market on Monument Square! Above is my "Before" picture of my treasures.
Those cute white pumpkins were a perfect painting project  for our half day of school. The girls got a little carried away with the paint...
Maine Artists are Stars on Etsy! Meet Tree and Vine!
Halloween is just around the corner and you can buy some very creative and unusual costumes on Etsy, made by Mainers!
Today, I want to introduce you to Tree and Vine.  Ellen Okolita, the owner and artist, was making purple unicorn horns when I reached her yesterday...
Dance Recital Season is Here!
Every spring since about eighth grade, May has been dance recital season. We used to pack the Biddeford City Theater watching our friends and family take the stage to show us how hard they had been working on turns and leaps and extensions...
Do You Wanna’ Build a Snow Man? NO!!! [VIDEO]
The snow is really getting to me. Between snow days and kids' sick days, I feel like I haven't left the house in far too long. None of us have! So I took a deep breath and watched my kids and dogs, along with Daddy, build a snow man.
Great Snow Storm Craft Project!
What do you do with a couple of stir crazy kids on another snow day? I'm lucky because they like to craft and so do I. Since we had a heads up that snow was on the way, I had a chance to gather my supplies for this one.
Here's what you'l need:
White plates- I bought mine at, where else?…

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