Dance Recital Season is Here!
Every spring since about eighth grade, May has been dance recital season. We used to pack the Biddeford City Theater watching our friends and family take the stage to show us how hard they had been working on turns and leaps and extensions...
Do You Wanna’ Build a Snow Man? NO!!! [VIDEO]
The snow is really getting to me. Between snow days and kids' sick days, I feel like I haven't left the house in far too long. None of us have! So I took a deep breath and watched my kids and dogs, along with Daddy, build a snow man.
Great Snow Storm Craft Project!
What do you do with a couple of stir crazy kids on another snow day? I'm lucky because they like to craft and so do I. Since we had a heads up that snow was on the way, I had a chance to gather my supplies for this one.
Here's what you'l need:
White plates- I bought mine at, where else?…
WBLM Morning Show “Bears of the Day”, Care Bears!
Twenty Bears in Twenty Days has featured some big personalities. Today we feature many! Care Bears are all about feelings, and they make us feel good !I found a website that has all things Care Bear! Care Bears have their own Facebook Fan Page...
The WBLM Morning Show ‘Bear of the Day,’ Pooh! [VIDEO]
Today we celebrate one of the sweetest bears to ever get stuck in a honey pot! Pooh began teaching us about friendship when we were very young and has become a symbol of comfort for generations. Both my girls have Winnie the Pooh stuffies and I've been known to borrow one when Mark travels on b…

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