Maine Baby Goats

WATCH: Maine Baby Goats…Now With a Baby
We've seen baby goats in pajamas, baby goats in sweaters, baby goats with a St. Bernard puppy, and baby goats in bucket. Now just when you thought it couldn't get any more cunnin', Sunflower Farm in Cumberland presents: Baby Goats and a Baby!
WATCH: One Day Old & Already Hoppin’
Wanna see somethin’ wicked cunnin’? These baby goats from Cumberland have only been here for a week and they are already hoppin' around and going viral. They are born right into stardom!
Watch: Maine Baby Goats Playing King of the Mountain
We've watched them in pajamas being so cute we can't stand it and recently there was a video of a newborn choosing to leap along with taking his first steps. Now get ready for another cuteness overload from the baby Nigerian goats of Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland.
Watch: Maine Baby Goats Go Viral Again!
Since last June, the adorable baby Nigerian goats of Sunflower Farm in Cumberland have received over 2 and half million views on the video of them being ridiculously cute in pajamas. Now they have another one going viral, already at over 300,000 views since Thursday.
Wicked Cute Running Baby Goats from Maine [VIDEO]
A couple weeks back we featured Winifred and Monty,  two ridiculously cute goats hopping around the barn jumping off hay PAJAMAS. That video has gone viral and is now well over a million views! Now there's more Maine-made cuteness overload.