Danville, NH Man’s ‘Out of Control’ Mugshot is Priceless! [PHOTO]
Well, I can say that I have never been arrested, and have not mugshot out there. I know, pretty surprising to me too! But you know, some people just cannot resist making an unforgettable mugshot to be funny. More so when the charge is not TOO serious. This gentleman arrested over the weekend in Danv…
Survey Says: How Enthusiastic Is Maine About Weed? VERY!
It's not breaking news, but it is some solid confirmation, the people of Maine are terrifically enthusiastic about marijuana. The good folks over at put together the map pictured above based on several different factors and the results show that Maine has a lot of wide smiles when …
South Portland Rejects Marijuana Use
A pro-marijuana group that rejoiced when Portland voters approved recreational use in November suffered a set back Monday night after South Portland City Councilors rejected a similar proposal, according to WMTW.